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Web and mobile application development


2020 was one of the most challenging years for every human being around the world. The spread of Covid-19 caused devastation everywhere. One of the many things we learned this year is the importance and power of computers and information technology. Web and mobile application development are among the essential fields which have gained popularity in 2020, and their importance will only grow further.

The future of technology is through the web; there is no doubt about that. Almost everything can be done through the internet now. We are slowly advancing towards an age that the internet and the web will dominate. So much so that no business, institution, or anything really will be able to work without the internet. This is the importance of the age of computers and technology.

Mobile application development is another important part of the future. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone. There is no other better form of communication. Mobile applications make the user experience better and more versatile, which only increases their importance.

According to a recent study, the number of people using a mobile phone has doubled in the last five years. This increase has consequently made the importance and demand for quality mobile applications a necessity.

Web and mobile application development are a big part of the upcoming future, which is why learning how both works are equally important. There is a considerable demand for both web and mobile application developers, and as we go further into the future, this demand is only likely to grow even more.

What exactly is web development?

First of all, let's talk about web development. What is it, and what is its importance?

All that you see when you visit a website is thanks to web development. Web development is the practice that lets you build a site and also maintain it. Some developer backs all the work on a screen, and all the visuals you see on your screen are also done so by developers. Every time you visit a site, and it doesn't automatically shut down or is to slow to use, all of this is done by a web developer.

Types of web developers:

There are two main types of web developers.

Front-end Web Developers:

Everything that you are seeing on your screen right now is the work of a front-end developer. Front-end development is the work of designing a website to make it user-friendly and appeal to the user.

A front-end developer uses languages; like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create all you see on your screen.

Back-end Web Developers:

A back-end developer is someone responsible for all the work that is going on behind the screens. The result of back-end developers is to store data. If there is a problem with this data storage, there won't be any front-end. They are making the duties of back-end developers immense.

Back-end developers can use many programming languages to get the work done, but the most famous ones include Python, Ruby, PHP, and Java.

What is mobile application development?

Another up and coming technology is mobile application development. Many people around the world use a mobile phone, and this number increases every year. So, the importance of mobile application development cannot be questioned.

All the applications on your mobile phone come under the radar of mobile application development. Be it the calculator on your phone or any entertainment app you have - all of them are part of mobile application development.

Types of mobile application development:

Mobile application, too, is divided into two parts.

Front-End Mobile Application Development:

Like front-end web development, front-end mobile application development performs similar tasks. It is used to make your application's visuals look up to the standards and look good enough to fit the mobile screens.

Front-end mobile application development is an important task and should not be avoided at any cost.

Back-end Mobile Application Development:

Back-end mobile application development is another essential part of the development of an application. No application can be developed without a back-end, making it the most critical function for any developer.

Back-end mobile application development can be done using various languages such as python, swift, Java, and more.

Web and mobile application development is an important part of the future. It is one of the most beneficial fields of the future, so investing your time in learning these technologies can produce great results for the future.